Appreciation Letter

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To ‘May Zhou’


May -

Thank you for this and for everything you do for our members and for all the newcomers to Canada. I was an immigrant once, 43 years ago, but at least I spoke the language and the culture was basically the same. (I'm from California.) But even so, I had little hiccups adjusting. I can't imagine what it must be like coming from someplace where the language is completely different and the cultural norms are sometimes almost the opposite of what they are here. I'm sure that some immigrants must feel like they've moved to Mars, not just across the ocean. Having someone like you who can help them bridge the gap is crucial.

I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated. Too often we take the people around us for granted. I don't take you for granted.


Timothy (Tim) Perrin
Associate, Watson Goepel LLP

604 915 9118 (office) | 604 688 4382 (fax)

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